Waste to biogas and bio-LNG

Renewi, Nordsol, and Shell signed an agreement in 2020 to build a Nordsol plant at a Renewi site in the Netherlands and jointly produce bio-LNG. This collaboration aims to contribute to the circular economy and completes the cycle of turning organic waste into a sustainable fuel for long haul transport. The plant is expected to produce the first bio-LNG by mid-2021. Throughout the Netherlands, Renewi collects organic waste from multiple industries (including retail and catering) and converts it into biogas. Part of this biogas will be delivered to the Nordsol plant to produce bio-LNG. Nordsol has integrated and optimised proven processes into a compact installation that can convert biogas into bio-LNG. The technology makes it possible to produce bio-LNG locally at an affordable price point. Shell will distribute the bio-LNG
to nearby Shell LNG stations to supply customers with bio-LNG and help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Renewi, Nordsol, and Shell
Organic waste to bio-LNG
In development, expected in 2021
The Netherlands

https://www.shell.nl/media/ nieuwsberichten/2020/renewi-nordsol-en- shell-zetten-samen-in-op-bio-lng.html

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