Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Scale-up of biomethane production

In the western port area of Amsterdam, the current Sewage Water Treatment Plant is being transformed and optimised to produce biomethane for households and (cargo)cars. After purification of the wastewater in the treatment plant, a sewage sludge remains. This sludge is transferred into an anaerobic digester producing biogas. The biogas upgrading system separates the biogas in pure CO2 and biomethane. By adding nitrogen to this purified biomethane stream, the same caloric value as natural gas will be achieved and is it ready for injection into the gas pipeline. The CO2 stream is captured and utilised in nearby greenhouses. The biogas upgrading system will upgrade 14,7 million m3 raw biogas into 9,7 million m3 upgraded biomethane per year. The project will supply about 10% of the total amount of green gas utilized by the national grid in the Netherlands. The biogas upgrading technology is delivered by DMT Environmental Technology, and will be installed by Waternet on behalf of WaterBoard Amstel, Gooi and Vecht. DMT Environmental Technology is a member of EBA.

Waternet/AGV, DMT, OrangeGas, Lindegas
9,7 million m3 biomethane annual production capacity
Sewage sludge - Anaerobic digestion
Under development, operational in 2021
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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