Reverse-flow facilities in German Gas network

ONTRAS currently operates six reverse flow facilities throughout its network (more than any other German TSO) with a combined energy capacity of 58,332 kW enabling the feed-in of biomethane from the distribution networks to the transmission networks. In rural areas, the supply of biomethane can excede local demand, especially during summer months. By utilising these facilities, surplus biomethane can be transported beyond the local distribution network and utilised at demand sites in other regions. The ONTRAS gas management systems monitor the quantity and the quality of the gas being injected to ensure optimal network operation. Local compressor units achieve the required pressure for injection of the gas into the transmission network (between 25 bar and 55 bar depending on the location).

ONTRAS, various distribution system operators
6 locations, combined energy capacity of 58,332 kW
Reverse flow unit
In operation
Eastern Germany

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