Northern Endurance Partnership

In October 2020, the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) was confirmed by the project partners. The NEP aims to develop offshore CO2 transport and infrastructure in the UK. The infrastructure will connect two onshore projects, that aim to decarbonise industrial clusters in Teesside and Humberside, to the Endurance reservoir. This reservoir is the most mature large scale saline aquifer for CO2 storage in the offshore UK Continental Shelf, that can enable industrial decarbonisation from both clusters. The projects aim to be commissioned by 2026 with the goal to achieve net zero as early as 2030 through a combination of carbon capture, hydrogen and fuel-switching. If successful, NEP linked to these two projects will allow decarbonisation of nearly 50% of
the UK’s industrial emissions. BP will lead the Northern Endurance Partnership as operator and the team progressing the project will draw on expertise from across all the partners.

BP, Eni, Equinor, National Grid, Shell, Total
Decarbonisation of ~50% of UK’s industrial emissions
Planning, expected in 2026
East coast, UK we-are/united-kingdom/Northern- Endurance-Partnership-NEP.html

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