STORE&GO Windgas Falkenhagen

In Falkenhagen in the state of Brandenburg, Uniper Energy Storage has constructed a demonstration plant for storing wind energy in the natural gas grid. The plant stores electricity generated by wind turbines. Around 360 Nm³/h of hydrogen is generated using alkaline electrolysis and fed via a 1.6 km hydrogen pipeline into the gas grid operated by ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH. In the first year of operation, more than 2 GWh of green hydrogen was fed into the grid. In May 2018, the project entered the next 2-year phase by expanding the power-to-gas plant to a methanation plant for green methane production. In this stage, hydrogen from renewable energy sources is converted into methane using CO2 from a bio-ethanol plant. The STORE&GO project brings together 27 partners from six countries to explore the opportunities for integrating Power-to-Gas applications into the European energy network.

Uniper Energy Storage and partners
1.08 MWhLHV of hydrogen production per hour
Alkaline electrolysis
In operation, since 2017
Falkenhagen, Germany

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