Costs moving towards commercial level

The green energy project Hyoffwind aims to build a power-to-gas installation to convert renewable electricity into green hydrogen through electrolysis. Hyoffwind has been set up as an industrial-scale installation (electrolysis of 25 MW of electricity), where Zeebrugge (Belgium) would act as an energy hub. Currently, first steps are taken to start the construction of the installation by mid-2021, the first production is planned for early 2023. The realisation of Hyoffwind aims to create economic added value for the companies that are active throughout the hydrogen value chain (production – transport – off-take) and to kick-start local knowledge on hydrogen and the hydrogen economy.

Colruyt Group (Eoly), Parkwind, and Fluxys
25 MWel in (input of electrical capacity)
In development, planned for early 2023
Zeebrugge, Belgium

https://www.fluxys.com/en/press-releases/fluxys-group/2020/200227_ press_hyoffwind_installation

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