Korskro biogas plant

Scale-up of biomethane production

The Korskro biogas plant will process approximately 710 000 tonnes of biomass annually of which around 85% will be livestock manure and deep bedding from cattle, pigs, and mink supplied by approximately 100 farmers from the livestock-intensive area in Denmark around the plant. The feedstock mix will comprise of food waste, organic waste from industry and retail, and energy crops. After the completion of the first phase, the plant is now producing around 22 million Nm3 of biomethane that is injected into the natural gas network. Fully expanded, the plant will be able to process 1 million tonnes of food waste and residual agricultural products annually.

Nature Energy
22 million m3 biomethane annual production capacity
Anaerobic Digestion
In operation since 2019
Korskro, Denmark


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