Integrated agro-ecology fertiliser project

Scale-up of biomethane production
  • Involved: La Castellana
  • Size: 1.2 million m3 biomethane annual production capacity
  • Technology: Agricultural residues – Anaerobic digestion
  • Status: In operation since 2019
  • Location: Lombardy, Italy

On 18 December 2019 the ‘La Castellana’ biomethane plant started to produce biomethane and inject it in the Italian gas grid owned by Snam. The facility is located on a farm in Lombardy which adopted the Biogasdoneright® model for sustainable agriculture. Biomethane is produced from agricultural residues and sustainable sequential crops. Biogas digestive is being fed back to the field, avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers. La Castellana is one of the first biomethane plants in Italy and produces 635 m3 biomethane per hour.

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