Dry and wet manure to biomethane

Scale-up of biomethane production

In 2020, Revis bioenergy put the biogas plant in Dülmen into operation to absorb and ferment the wet and dry farm manure from 40 farmers in the region. On a yearly basis 70,000 tons of manure are receive by the plant and fed via an automated crane into the plant. The biogas plant produces 1.400 Nm³/h biogas, which is upgraded into biomethane (700 Nm³/h biomethane production capacity), which corresponds to ~70 GWh per year. The biomethane is injected into the region’s natural gas network. The aim of Revis bioenergy is to use all material flows from the biogas plants ranging from green fuels such as biomethane, bio-LNG, green ammonia, and green industrial products, such as CO2, fertiliser and peat substitute products. Revis is planning to install a power2biogas plant as a next step.

Revis Bioenergy
6.1 million m3 biomethane annual production capacity
Anaerobic digestion
In operation since 2020
Dülmen, Germany

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