Bio-LNG as a biofuel

Scale-up of biomethane production

Cooperative Speranza owns 2 biogas agricultural plants with a capacity of 1 MWel each that produce around 4,2 million m3 biogas per year and that provide heat (1.000 KWth/h) to the Candiolo Cancer Institute in Italy. In 2020 the cooperative built a new biomethane plant with a liquefaction unit and a CO2 capture system. Using 100% agricultural residues and catch crops, the new biomethane plants will produce 2.000 ton of liquefied biomethane per year. The liquefied biomethane is used as an advanced biofuel by Maganetti Spa, a transport company that owns 42 LNG trucks. The carbon dioxide is certified food-grade and sold to food industries. Cooperativa Speranza and Maganetti Spa are planning on building a new LNG filling station where part of the liquefied biomethane will be sold.

Cooperativa Agricola Speranza; Maganetti SpA
2,000 ton of liquefied biomethane per year
Biomethane liquefaction and CO2 capture
In operation since 2020
Candiolo, Italy

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