THyGA project

The THyGA project (Testing Hydrogen Admixtures for Gas Appliances) sets out to develop and communicate a detailed understanding of the impact of blends of natural gas and hydrogen on end use applications, specifically in the domestic and commercial sector. The THyGA project has been selected for funding as part of the 2019 FCHJU work programme. The main goal of the project is to enable the wide adoption of H2NG (hydrogen in natural gas) blends by closing knowledge gaps regarding technical impacts on residential and commercial gas appliances. The project consortium will identify and recommend appropriate codes and standards that should be adapted to answer the needs and develop a strategy for addressing the challenges for new and existing appliances. The project is being coordinated by Engie. Eight other partners from six European countries (DGC, Electrolux, BDR,, CEA, GWI, DVGW-EBI and GERG) will work together on this project over 36 months. The consortium includes laboratories, gas value chain companies, manufacturers representing different applications (cooking, heating), and an international association. It will be supplemented by an advisory panel of manufacturers and gas companies which will be closely integrated with the main project team.

ENGIe, DGC, GWI,, CEA, DVGW, BDR Thermea Group, Electrolux, GERG
Studies and analysis, development of certification protocol
Started in 2020

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