MosaHYc – Cross border retrofitting of natural gas pipelines

GRTgaz and Creos Deutschland are collaborating in the creation of a new regional and cross-border pure hydrogen transmission network, connecting the Saar (Germany), Lorraine (France) and the Luxembourg border. The MosaHYc (Mosel Saar HYdrogen Conversion) project will focus on the retrofitting of two existing natural gas pipelines into a 70-km pure hydrogen infrastructure, capable to transport up to 20,000 m³/h (60 MW) of pure hydrogen. The infrastructure is aiming to form the backbone of a regional and cross-border hydrogen hub, creating a hydrogen valley between the three countries and supporting further hydrogen developments foreseen in nearby industrial clusters. GRTgaz and Creos Deutschland will cooperate with the national authorities on the technical aspects, and political and regulatory framework in order to allow for an investment decision by 2022.

GRTgaz, Creos Deutschland
70 km hydrogen infrastructure
Retrofitting of existing pipelines
In development, investment decision expected in 2022
Germany and France

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