In 2018 the HyBalance facility, located in the north of Denmark, was inaugurated. The plant produces hydrogen hydrogen by leading power from the grid into a 1.2 MW PEM electrolyser that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The facility is the focal point of the HyBalance project, which aims to demonstrate the use of renewable hydrogen in energy systems. The technology showcase project received both European and Danish funding – through the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking and the Danish EUDP programme. The project has demonstrated that it is possible to store electricity on a larger scale in the form of hydrogen produced through PEM electrolysus, The PEM electrolysis technology showed its ability to achieves a high level of availability and efficiency, making the technology a good candidate to help balance the electricity grid. By September 2020 the HyBalance facility had delivered 120 tons of hydrogen. 50% of the hydrogen has been delivered through a pipeline for an industrial complex close to the facility. The remaining 50% of the hydrogen has been delivered by tube trailers to other industries and for clean transportation. Behind the project is a consortium, led by the main investor Air Liquide and encompassing Cummins (formerly Hydrogenics), Centrica Energy Trading (formerly NEAS Energy), Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik and Hydrogen Valley.

AirLiquide, Centrica energy trading, Copenhagen Hydrogen Network, Cummins, Hydrogen Valley, Ludwig- Bölkow-Sytemtechnik, Energinet, Akzo Nobel, Sintex
1.2 MWel in PEM electrolyser, 230 Nm3/h in hydrogen production
Electricity storage in the form of hydrogen
In operation, since 2018
Hobro, Denmark


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