Project website: https://hidrogenoaragon.org/en/proyectos/higgs_en/The HIGGS project main objective is further developing the potential of hydrogen injection into the transmission high pressure natural gas grid as a way to decarbonise the gas system and gas uses. The HIGGS Project has a duration of 36 months and a budget of 2 million Euros from European funding. The project evaluates how different degrees of natural gas and hydrogen mixture behave in relation to the transport infrastructure, simulating different operating conditions by varying the flow, composition and quality of the gas. A testing platform will be developed at the facilities of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation where all the elements will be tested at high pressure. Among them, a novel gas separation system developed within the framework of the Project that is based on membrane technology.

Tecnalia, HSR Hochschule, ERIG, DVGW
Testing platform and gas separation development
Study and analysis on blending and deblending
Project will run from 2020-2022

https://hidrogenoaragon.org/en/ proyectos/higgs_en/

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