H2NG supply Contursi Terme

In 2019 Snam launched its experiment of introducing 5% of hydrogen and natural gas blend into the Italian gas transmission network. The experiment involves the supply of H2NG (a blend of hydrogen and gas) to two industrial companies in the area; a mineral water bottling company and a pasta factory. The test marked the first step in Snam’s commitment to developing hydrogen. Few months later, Snam doubled the volume of the hydrogen blend, which was experimentally introduced into its natural gas transmission network in Contursi Terme to 10%.

Snam and two industrial companies
5%-10% hydrogen and natural gas blend
In operation
Contursi Terme (Salerno), Italy

https://www.snam.it/en/Media/ news_events/2020/Snam_hydrogen_ blend_doubled_in_Contursi_trial.html

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