The GET H2 partners BP, Evonik, Nowega, OGE and RWE Generation want to jointly build the first publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure. The GET H2 Nucleus project combines the production of green hydrogen with industrial customers in Lower Saxony and NRW. The approximately 130-kilometer network from Lingen to Gelsenkirchen will be a H2 network with non-discriminatory access and transparent prices. By coupling the continuous production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale, the transport and storage in existing infrastructure and the continuous acceptance by industry, the GET H2 Nucleus lays the foundation for a reliable, sustainable hydrogen economy in Germany. Production of green hydrogen and supply to customers is scheduled to start 2023. The green hydrogen is to be produced from wind power in Lingen, Lower Saxony. For this purpose, an electrolysis plant with a capacity of more than 100 MW is to be built at the RWE power plant site in Lingen. Existing gas pipelines of the transmission system operators Nowega and OGE will be converted to transport 100 percent hydrogen. This infrastructure will be used to transport the climate-neutral raw material to chemical parks and refineries in Lingen, Marl and Gelsenkirchen. Where the companies will use the green hydrogen in their production processes, thereby significantly reducing their CO2 emissions.

OGE, BP, Evonik, Nowega, RWE Generation
130 km hydrogen pipeline, 100 MWel in electrolyser
Electrolysis and retrofitting of existing pipelines
In development, hydrogen production scheduled to start in 2023
Lower Saxony and North Rhein Westphalia, Germany

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