The biogasnetwerk project

The oude Lenferink firm in Fleringen owns a pig farm and is a manure transporter and processer, on the farm a digester has been build that currently produces 2 million m3 of biogas on a yearly basis. From the farm a 7.5km long pipeline has been developed leading to a central upgrading installation in Almelo. Here the biogas is upgraded to biomethane and injected into the natural gas grid. The pipeline between Fleringen and Almeo is the start of a biogasnetwork in the region. In 2020, a inventory was kicked off with the aim to extend the network, so that more producers can use the central upgrading facility, lowering the threshold for farmers to start producing biogas.

GasUnie New Energy and Cogas
2 million m3 biogas annual production capacity and a 7.5 km pipeline
Biogas plant network (pooling)
In operation, since 2017
Twente, the Netherlands

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