French innovative biomethane planning framework

A regulatory framework is being established to allow for optimised planning of biomethane injection and gas network adaptations in France. The main objective of the framework is to have an integrated overview of the high potential zones for biomethane injection through caps on socialised cost levels.
In an ongoing process, the framework identifies cost-efficient zones for gas networks’ adaptation in a common process between gas TSOs and DSOs, the French regulator, and consultations with territorial stakeholders. The French energy regulator (CRE) tasked the network operators to develop a technoeconomic potential map for France; a first version was published
in March 2020. Mapping is targeted for approximately 500 zones for their biomethane production potential, their required costs for gas networks adaptation, and their identified best biomethane grid connection scheme. For each zone, CRE’s approval is needed to validate the connection scheme and network adaptations. The map will be updated regularly to include the results of detailed studies led by operators and local players on the zones where biomethane projects materialise.

French TSOs and distribution system operators (DSOs), CRE
National planning framework
Under development, first map published in 2020

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