REVIVE stands for ‘Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe’. The project will run for 4 years: from the beginning of 2018 until the end of 2021. The REVIVE project aims to significantly advance the state of development of fuel cell refuse trucks, by integrating fuel cell powertrains into 15 vehicles and deploying them across 8 sites in Europe. The project will deliver technical progress by integrating fuel cell systems from three suppliers into a mainstream DAF chassis, and developing effective hardware and control strategies. Lessons learned will apply to the full range of equipment manufactures supplying vehicles into the European market. An additional task will be to explore the potential for ‘Waste-to-Wheel’ business models where the fuel cell trucks are combined with green hydrogen sourced from waste plants. The project also aims to support the wider rollout of hydrogen mobility by introducing a further source of hydrogen demand that can improve the economics of existing and future refuelling station deployments, in turn facilitating the rollout of other vehicle types

Multiple European municipalities, vehicle operators, manufacturers and experts
15 trucks
Fuel cell refuse trucks
In operation, 2018-2021

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