In the MARANDA project, a hydrogen fuelled PEM fuel cell hybrid powertrain system is developed for marine applications and validated both in test benches and on board the research vessel Aranda. The 165 kW (2 x 82.5 kW AC) fuel cell powertrain will provide power to the vessel’s electrical equipment as well as the dynamic positioning during measurements. Furthermore, a mobile hydrogen storage container, refillable in any 350 bar hydrogen refuelling station will be developed in this project. The consortium of this project contains companies from the whole fuel cell value chain, from balance-of-plant components to system integrator and end-user.

ABB OY, Persee, PowerCell AB Sweden, Swiss Hydrogen SA
165 kW (2 x 82.5 kW AC) fuel cell powertrain
PEM fuel cell
Under construction, 2017-2021

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