HySeas III

HySeas III is the final part of a three part research program that began in 2013 looking into the theory of hydrogen powered vessels (HySeas I), followed by a detailed technical and commercial study to design a hydrogen fuel cell powered vessel (Hyseas II 2014-2015). HySeas III builds on the first two parts by aiming to demonstrate that fuel cells may be successfully integrated with a proven marine hybrid electric drive system along with hydrogen storage and bunkering arrangements. The project does this by developing, constructing, testing and validating a full-sized drive train on land. Should this test be successful, Scottish Transport has agreed to fund the building of a roll-on roll-off passenger ferry which will integrate the entire hydrogen/electric drive train which will be subject to extensive monitoring and testing.

Team of commercial and public sector organisations, coordinated by the university of St. Andrews
Full size drivetrain
PEM fuel cell
In operation, since 2013
Orkney, UK


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