The H2Haul (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks for Heavy Duty Zero Emissions Logistics) consortium consists of 15 partners from seven European countries, consisting of multiple equipment manufacturers and analysis, dissemination and coordination partners. H2Haul is a project co-financed by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). It aims to develop and deploy 16 zero-emission fuel cell trucks at four sites in Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, new high-capacity hydrogen refuelling stations will be installed to provide hydrogen supplies to the trucks.  The project began in 2019 and will run for five years. This project will gather insights and information that will be disseminated to truck operators, retail sector representatives, policy makers and the hydrogen industry. H2Haul aims to validate the ability of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to provide zero-emission mobility in heavy-duty applications, laying the foundation for the commercialisation of this sector in Europe.

Multiple equipment manufacturers and other partners
16 trucks
Heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks
In operation, 2019-2024


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