George Olah Renewable Methanol Plant

The George Olah Plant is a large commercial CO2 methanol plant, located in Iceland. The plant uses renewable electricity from geothermal and hydropower sources to produce green hydrogen and combines it with captured carbon in a catalytic reaction to produce methanol. With a capacity of 4 Mt pa of methanol, the plant recycles 5,500 tonnes of CO2 per annum. The production and use of this low-carbon methanol as an automotive fuel releases 90% less CO2 than a comparable amount of energy from fossil fuel. The George Olah renewable methanol plant demonstrates in an actual industrial setting the technical, economic and environmental benefits associated with adapting CRI’s Emissions-to-Liquids technology.

Carbon Recycling International
4,000 Mt pa of methanol per year
In operation, since 2012
Svartsengi, Iceland

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