Food and feed: Tesco Ireland

Scale-up of biomethane production

Tesco plans to cut carbon emissions by converting waste food from their stores into methane. As part of the new initiative, Green Generation will process Tesco’s remaining food surplus, which has not been donated to FoodCloud (a surplus food charity partner), at its anaerobic-digestion plant in Nurney. The produced biomethane will be fed into the natural gas network, from which Tesco will purchase the renewable gas outputs, taking a circular economy approach to minimising its carbon footprint. Tesco Ireland intends supplying more than 6,400 tonnes of waste food a year from its stores, this will produce enough natural gas to supply six Irish Tesco stores, effectively allowing the chain to cut carbon emissions by 1,200 tonnes a year.

Tesco Ireland, Green Generation, Gas Networks Ireland
Digestion of 6,400 tonnes of waste food
Anaerobic digestion of food waste
In development, partnership since 2020

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