Scale-up of biomethane production

The Effisludge for LIFE Liquid Biogas (LBG) plant is located in Skogn, Norway. The project aims to secure a full integration with the local pulp and paper mill. Biogas is generated by processing wastewater sludge generated at the mill site in co-digestion with other substrates. At Skogn, the waste activated sludge generated at the Norske Skog mill, will be digested together with fish waste to generate 25 million Nm3 biogas per year (first year 12.5 million Nm3). EffiSludge for LIFE is a project implemented by Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB in cooperation with Biokraft AS and Norske Skog Skogn. With a total budget of 3.1 million Euro, the project is entitled of 1.8 million Euro European contribution. Granted in 2015, the project will last until December 2020.

Scandinavian Biogas, Biokraft, Norske Skog
25 million Nm3 biogas annual production capacity
Anaerobic digestion of wastewater from the paper and pulp industry
In operation, since 2018
Skogn, Norway


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