Dutch hydrogen boiler pilot project

Mid-2019 this pilot project on hydrogen-powered domestic boilers took off. The boilers can be operated under real conditions and are developed by BDR Thermea Group in Italy. The project is overseen by Remeha in the Netherlands, and is a joint initiative between the network operator Stedin, the municipality of Rotterdam and the housing association Ressort Wonen. Green hydrogen is generated via wind or solar energy, and supplied via an existing natural gas pipeline to the hydrogen boiler installed next to a conventional natural gas boiler. This combination ensures the supply of heat and water at all times. The aim is to install 400 hydrogen-powered domestic boilers in two years 400 hydrogen boilers will be installed. After this first pilot in the Netherlands another field trail will be carried out in the UK, other network operators and building owners are invited to participate in further field trails and advance the development of hydrogen powered domestic heating.

Remeha, Stedin, municipality of Rotterdam, and housing association Ressort Wonen
400 households
Hydrogen-powered domestic boiler
In development, 2019-2021
Rozenburg, the Netherlands


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